Coach Catherine Ridley

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Memberships: Brazos Valley Figure Skating Club, Texas A&M Figure Skating Team

Leadership: President of Texas A&M Figure Skating Team 2020-2023

Specialties: Competition, Freestyle

My name is Catherine Ridley, and I am a business master’s student at Texas A&M. I am currently seeking new private lesson students for Summer 2023.

I am incredibly passionate about figure skating and would love to pass that passion on to any new students. I have coached at Spirit Ice Arena for the past three years and have experience with all Learn to Skate levels Snowplow 1 – Free Skate 6.

I currently compete with the Texas A&M Intercollegiate figure skating team as well as the Blades of Texas Theatre on Ice team.

I like to focus on beginner-level younger skaters and adult skaters. With dedication and perseverance, anything is possible in figure skating, and I would be honored to help you or your skater achieve many goals.