TAMU Kinesiology


All students taking TAMU classes at Spirit Ice Arena are required to wear a mask and social distance while in the building both on and off the ice. Exceptions include students with disabilities.


TAMU Classes FAQ’s

How do I sign the Spirit Ice Arena waiver?

Your instructor will email link to the waiver to you prior to the first day of class. You can also click the button at the top of this page “Sign the Liability Waiver Here.”  Please make every effort to do this online before you attend class on your first day. If you are going to pay for your equipment usage fee online, make sure to use the exact same information on both forms.

How do I pay the equipment use fee on-line?

The preferred method of paying your equipment usage fee is through online registration. You can click the button labelled "Pay Your Equipment Usage Fee Here" at the top of this page to get started. Tick the box to the left of "I am an individual registering." Then click the drop down menu to select your class and appropriate fee. Fees for each class are listed below. After selecting the correct class and fee, you will scroll down and fill the form with your information (if you have already filled out the online waiver through Smartwaiver, be sure to include the exact same information). You will then enter payment information. Make sure to double check the fee is the correct amount for the class you are taking. You will then scroll down and tick the box agreeing to the terms and conditions, then click "SUBMIT REGISTRATION." Some cellphone internet browsers do not show the fee menu correctly. If you are not seeing the fee menu as pictured above, try to complete using a computer. If you are having difficulties registering online and need assistance, call us at (979) 693-3900 and we can register you over the phone. If you have trouble getting through for any reason, or have other questions, email the Operations Manager Tom Morales at tom@spiriticearena.com

Kine 199:
  -    $56.83 after tax
Kine 223:
  -    $52.77 after tax
Kine 198:
  -    $52.77 after tax
Kine 120:
  -    $48.71 after tax


What are my options for paying the equipment use fee in-person?

If you decide to pay in-person, you will need to sign the on-line waiver first.  This will allow for a faster payment process.  It is recommended that you pay at the Pro Shop during public skate hours. The Pro Shop will open Monday-Friday 30 minutes prior to the first public skate time, 10:00AM on Saturdays and 12:00PM on Sundays. The Pro Shop will remain open until the last public skate of the day. To check public skate times, click the link at the top of our website that says “VIEW SCHEDULE.” Your instructor prefers that you pay prior to attending class so that class instruction can begin immediately.

How do I purchase skates?

Skates may be purchased in the Pro Shop. You will need to be fitted prior to purchasing to ensure proper fit. You can be fitted for skates during all normal Pro Shop hours. The Pro Shop will open at 9:00AM for the first two weeks of classes for skate fittings, and will remain open until after the last class has ended and all skate fittings have been completed. Skates require sharpening before you can skate on them, it is therefore recommended that you purchase your skates before you wish to use them in class. It takes five to ten minutes to sharpen a new pair of skates, and sharpening for new skates is first come, first serve. Spirit Ice Arena cannot guarantee that your skates will be sharpened in less than 24 hours. All Skates purchased at Spirit Ice Arena include the first sharpening and baking (heat molding) at no extra cost. Once skates have been sharpened or baked, they cannot be returned.

How do I secure a refund/voucher of the equipment use fee if classes move on-line due to COVID-19?

In the event classes are moved to online only, you will receive vouchers for admission and skate rental that can be used to skate during any public skate time. Your account that is created when you sign the liability waiver through the Smartwaiver link will be automatically credited within 7 days of the classes moving to online only. You will receive admissions equal to the number of classes that you had remaining at the time of closure. To redeem, you can sign into the self service portal and book into a public session. See here for more information on booking public sessions online. You can also come into the Pro Shop and give your information to the cashier. They can book you into the public session.

 In the event classes are moved to online before the first two weeks of class are complete, you can apply for a prorated refund. Send an email to tom@spiriticearena.com, including your full name, email address used for registration, class, and whether you paid online or in person and if in person, the payment method (cash, check, credit card). If paid online, refunds will be processed within 48 hours of notification, and an email will be sent with the refund receipt. If paid in person, you will be required to come into the Pro Shop for the refund to be processed. You will receive a reply within 48 hours with the appropriate day and time you can come in. If you do not send an email before coming into the Pro Shop, you might not be able to receive the refund at that time.