OCPE-Off Campus Physical Education

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OCPE Program 2020

Spirit Ice Arena has successfully hosted many figure skating students from surrounding schools and ISD’s for their OCPE experience. We are now pleased to offer a new OCPE program to all students, with or without skating experience. Spirit Ice Arena’s ice surface covers 17,000 square feet, making social distancing easy. This makes a safe, rich environment to build and develop skills in skating & hockey. Our OCPE Coordinator, Shannon Keeler, is a nationally medaled skater, international skating coach, national test judge, and experienced certified skating coach. Coach Shannon will craft an individual training plan and sign your schools OCPE application. Our certified coaching staff will guide, instruct, and monitor your learning activities. SIA’s OCPE program provides Cool-After-School (CAS) coach-supervised public sessions that run M-F, 4:00—5:30 PM. CAS sessions are for students to meet their learning goals and fulfill their required documented practice time at a discounted rate. There is a one time registration fee to start. Each time on the ice must be paid for as well.

Prices for various ice session types for OCPE can be found here.



The prospective student should first attain an OCPE application form , usually through their school counselor, before registering with Spirit Ice Arena. Once the form has been acquired, the student/ parent may register online at spiriticearena.com, under the OCPE tab. There is a nonrefundable registration fee of $25. OCPE Coordinator to create the personalized learning plan and sign the student’s OCPE application form