Home School - Learn to Skate

Skating is for Everyone! Join us in the FUN!

Group skating classes are the place for beginners to start learning to skate. We offer classes for ages 3 through adult. Whether you want to play Hockey or Figure Skate, this is the place for you to start! We offer classes on Wednesday for Homeschoolers.

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Sign-up Online

    • Visit www.SpiritIceArena.com
    • Click on the "Learn to Skate" tab
    • Click on "Register" at the top of the page
    • Fill out Registration Information
    • Log-in with your user name and password
    • Click on "Buy" in the Left Hand Side Menu
    • Click on "Packages" under "Buy" on the left hand menu
    • Click the drop-down menu for "Reservation Type" and select "Home School Class Lessons".
    • Click "Buy"
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Class Offerings Schedule

Class Wednesday  
 Snowplow Sam 1*, 2, 3 & 4 (ages 3-5)  1:15pm-1:45pm  
 Basic 1* & 2  (ages 6 and up)  1:15pm-1:45pm  
 Basic 3, 4, 5, 6 & Pre-Freeskate  1:45pm-2:15pm  
 Adult 1*, 2  (ages 16 and up)  1:15pm-1:45pm  
 Adult 3, 4, 5, & 6 (ages 16 and up)

*  Skaters wishing to enter after the third week of class will need to schedule a private lesson before joining a class in progress.  Please see a Pro Shop employee for details, or email classes@spiriticearena.com.

Class Benefits While Enrolled: Included in Enrollment Price

  • Learn quickly from a knowledgeable and experienced coaching team
  • Eight group skating lessons (make new friends and skating partners)
  • Skates (figure or hockey style) provided by Spirit Ice for both classes and practice
  • Free admission and skate rental for the Public Session preceding the Tuesday classes
  • Free admission and skate rental for the Public Session following the Saturday classes
  • Unlimited $7.00 Public skating sessions (a 50% SAVINGS!)
  • Bring a friend for any Public skating for half price admission
  • Skater Reward Card - Skate 7 Paid Public sessions and get one free!
  • Makeup Privileges (within 8 week session) for up to 2 missed classes (Must be on Tues or Sat)
  • 10% re-enrollment discount for consecutive re-enrollments
  • Discounted entry fees for Skating Exhibitions


Class Protocol

  • Learn to Skate Classes are 30 minutes on-ice (25 minutes of instruction)
  • Skaters should arrive at least 15 minutes early to check in, lace up, and warm up.
  • Skaters should wear long pants or tights and tall thin socks.  A jacket and gloves are recommended.
  • Levels may be combined
  • All Classes and make-ups must be completed by the end of the session. No exceptions.
  • Lessons purchased do not carry over to future sessions
  • Sessions last 8 weeks. Enroll in more than one class per week for additional savings.
  • Missed classes can be made up in any class available for the skaters' level.


Class Descriptions

Snowplow Sam 1
Beginner class for ages 3 –5
Standing, proper way to fall & get up , marching in place, marching forward, two-foot glide, dip in place

Snowplow Sam 2
March into a two-foot glide, moving dip, backward wiggles, forward swizzles, two-foot hop

Snowplow Sam 3
Forward skating, forward one-foot glides, forward swizzles, backward swizzles, snowplow stop, forward slaloms

Snowplow Sam 4
Forward skating, backward two-foot glides, backward swizzles, rocking horse, two-foot turns forwards and backwards, two foot hop in place

Once all three Snowplow Sam classes are complete the skater will go to the appropriate Basic level.

Basic 1
Beginner class for ages 6 - 15
Sit on ice to standing up, March forward, forward 2-foot glide, dip, forward swizzles, backwards wiggles, snowplow stop, two foot hop in place

Basic 2
Scooter pushes, Forward one-foot glide, backward two-foot glide, rocking horse, backward swizzles, 2-foot forward to backward, moving snowplow stop, Curves

Basic 3
Forward stroking, swizzell pumps on the circle, moving 2-foot turns, backward one-foot glides, forward slalom, backward snowplow stop

Basic 4
Forward crossovers, forward outside and inside edges on circle, backward 1-foot glide, 2-foot spin, backward swizzle pumps 

Basic 5
Backward edges on circle, backward crossovers, hockey stop, forward outside 3-turns, advanced 2-foot spin 

Basic 6*
Forward inside three-turns, moving backward to forward 2-foot turns, t-stop on both feet, forward spiral, bunny hop, backward stroking, beginning one foot spin

Mohawks, backward to forward transitions, landing position, advanced 1-foot spin, mazurka, waltz jump 

After completing Pre-Freeskate, skaters will advance to the Freeskate Training Program

Adult 1
Beginner class for ages 16 and up
Fall and recovery to standing up, forward marching, two foot glide, forward swizzles, stops, and more.

Adult 2
Forward stoking, one-foot glides, pumps on a circle, backward glides, backward swizzles, slalom, two-foot turns, and more.

Adult 3
Advanced Forward Stroking, forward half swizzle pumps, backward two-foot glide, moving forward to backward and backward to forward, backward snowplow stop

Adult 4
Forward inside and outside edges, forward crossovers, backward one-foot glide, backward half swizzle pumps, hockey stop

Adult 5
Backward outside and inside edges, backward crossovers, forward outside three turns, forward swing rolls beginning two foot spin

Adult 6*
Forward stroking with crossovers, backward stoking, forward inside three turns, t-stop on both sides, forward outside to inside change of edges on a line, lunge, two-foot spin into one-foot spin

After completing Adult 6, skaters will advance to the Pre-Freeskate Training Program


Supplement your group classes with private coach lessons from one of our outstanding professionals.  Get ahead and hone skills!

For more information or questions call 979-693-3900 or email our figure skating director: Shannon Keeler.