Learn to Skate

Skating is for Everyone! Join us in the FUN!

Group skating classes are the place for beginners to start learning to skate. We offer classes for ages 3 through adult.

Whether you want to play Hockey or Figure Skate, this is the place for you to start!

Class Details

  • Classes last 30 minutes (25 minutes of instruction)
  • Levels may be combined if they do not the 3 student minimum
  • All Classes and make-ups must be completed by the end of the session. No exceptions.
  • Lessons purchased do not carry over to future sessions
  • Sessions last 8 weeks. Enroll in more than one class per week for additional savings.
  • Missed classes can be made up in any class available for the skaters' level.
  • Therapeutic Skating & Power Class does not offer make-ups


Class Descriptions

Snowplow Sam 1
Beginner class for ages 3 –5
Standing, proper way to fall & get up , marching in place, marching forward, two-foot glide, dip

Snowplow Sam 2
March into a two-foot glide, dip, backward wiggles, forward swizzles, two-foot hop

Snowplow Sam 3
Forward skating, forward one-foot glides, forward swizzles, backward swizzles, snowplow stop, forward slaloms
Once all three Snowplow Sam classes are complete the skater will go to the appropriate Basic level.

Adult 1 & 2
Beginner class for adults 18 and up
Fall and recovery, forward strides, forward and backward swizzles, turns, stops, and more.

Adult 3 & 4
Backward crossovers, edges, Mohawks, three-turns, spins, and more.

Basic 1
Beginner class for ages 6 and up
March forward, 2-foot glide, dip, forward swizzles, wiggles, snowplow stop, rocking horse, 2-foot hop

Basic 2
Forward one-foot glide, backward two-foot glide, backward swizzles, 2-foot turn, moving snowplow stop, forward alternating 1/2 swizzles

Basic 3
Forward stroking, pumps on the circle, moving 2-foot turns, b. one-foot glides, slalom, 2-foot spin

Basic 4
Forward crossovers, edges on circle, outside 3-turns, backward stroking, backward snowplow stop

Basic 5
Backward edges on circle, backward crossovers, beginning one-foot spin, hockey stop, side toe hop

Basic 6
Forward inside three-turns, backward to forward two-foot turns, t-stop, bunny hop, spiral, lunge

Basic 7
Mohawks, ballet jump, backward to forward transitions, landing position, forward pivots

Basic 8
Moving forward outside and inside three-turns, combination move, one-foot spin, waltz jump, mazurka

Hockey 1 (Intro to Hockey Skating) - Learn to Skate

Basic hockey stride, balance, agility, coordination, games. Advances into Learn to Play Hockey Program (Basic 1 & 2 required)

Power Class - Conditioning
For skaters levels Basic 5 and up to increase speed and power while working on proper skating technique and endurance. A great Cardio workout!

Therapeutic Skating
One on one skating classes for those with special needs

For more information or questions call 979-693-3900 or email Shannon Keeler.