Private Lessons

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Adding private lessons as a supplement to group lessons is an excellent way to accelerate
in the sport. A skater will get one-on-one training with a certified coach working towards
advancement and monitoring the skaters progress.  Skaters testing, competing or working
on programs for exhibitions/shows, must have a private lesson coach to prepare for the
events.  Skaters may start taking private lessons at any level, but it is highly recommended
that they hire a private coach once they reach Basic 4 or 5.

 Skaters may approach their instructors directly or for recommendations may contact
the skating director Shannon Keeler,

 Private lesson coaches are available for all skill levels and all ages.  Their qualifications,
availability and rates all vary. We have three types of coaches:

  • Learn To Skate Coaches are accomplished skaters, usually college students, coaching part time.They meet  all LTS coach certification requirements and are age compliant with US Figure Skating. They are great for introductory lessons and basic skill skaters through Freeskate 6 and Adult 6.  Their fee is $20/half hour Lesson and payment is made in the Proshop.  These lessons are taught during public sessions. The lesson fee is separate from the public session fee and skate rental. 

  • Jr. Coaches are the same as Learn To Skate Coaches but are high school students and still actively skating. Lessons with Jr. Coaches are paid for in the Pro Shop as well. The lesson fee is separate from the public session fee and skate rental.  For Learn To Skate Coaches and Jr. Coaches, click here.

  • Sr. Coaches are fully compliant coaches with US Figure Skating and The Professional Skaters Association. They are Independent Contractors and they set their own rate based on their experience, certification levels, knowledge and experience in the sport.  We have coaches that specialize in jump and spins, ice dancing, moves in the field, choreography, etc. Lessons with a Sr. Coach may take place in a public session or on a freestyle session which is ice time specifically for figure skaters in a private lesson or practicing on their own.
    For freestyle session policies, click here.  For Sr. Coaches, click here.

We do allow Guest Coaches to teach at our rink but they must meet all the US Figure Skating Coach Compliance requirements and provide documentation.  For more information on our guest coaching policy, click here.

With today’s growing technology and shrinking world, we know that many skaters establish relationships with coaches from other rinks, through attendance to clinics, etc, and would like to use online platforms to work with those coaches privately.

For Telecoaching Policies, click here.