Figure Skating Training Camps


Spirit Skating Skills Academy

A training program for all ages and all levels of figure skating.

Featuring coaching from elite skater and current Disney On Ice star Jamie Hathaway and Adult Nationals Gold Medalist Shannon Keeler


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We are offering a training program that will encompass all aspects of skating including on ice techniques for spin and jumping elements, power and conditioning, flow and artistry, and mental performance skills.  We will also incorporate off ice classes for jumping skills, flexibility, power and conditioning, and dance/musicality. Our goal is to educate the skaters about the sport with all the various programs, performances, and competitions so they may train accordingly and healthily enjoy skating as a lifelong sport.  

The Academy will run from June 8th to August 14th. When enrolling in the Academy, please be sure to register for the week(s) you are planning on attending. Sign in each day begins at 7:15a with instruction beginning promptly at 8:00a. Program instruction concludes at 12:00p with program dismissal ending at 12:30p. 

Skaters can choose an option of staying from 12:15p to 5:30p for an additional $125/week.  That will include 2 afternoon public sessions, a freestyle session (for those who qualify) and some extracurricular activities such as rock wall, stretch and flexibility, etc.


The program is offered at two levels:

Silver Level: Introductory skating skills through Freestyle 6 and beginner hockey skating. The Silver Level package will be Monday-Friday with a rate of $250/wk.
This program includes:

  • Two hours per day of on-ice instruction to help skaters focus on aspects of skating that go beyond what is taught in Learn to Skate classes. The coaches will work with skaters’ elements for their level but also teach about presentation skills, flow and strength to become a more well rounded skater and prepare them for competitive skating or hockey.  Some classes will feature coaching with Jamie Hathaway, Shannon Keeler, high level senior coaches, choreographers and dance specialists. 
  • Two hours per day of off-ice instruction that will continue from the on  ice learning to more specific details of elements and exercises supporting  what is taught on the ice. Examples:  off ice jumping, stretching, strength and conditioning, dance and musicality and development of performance in skating.


Register for the Silver week(s) you are planning on attending by clicking on the week below:

Week 1: June 8th-June 12th
Week 2: June 15th-June 19th
Week 3: June 22nd-June 26th
Week 4: June 28th-July 3rd
Week 5: July 6th- July 10th
Week 6: July 13th-July 17th
Week 7: July 20th-July 24th
Week 8: July 27th-July 31st
Week 9: August 3rd- August 7th
Week 10: August 10th- August 14th


Gold Level: USFigure Skating Pre-preliminary through Senior.
The Gold Level Package will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with a rate of $325/wk.  
This program includes:

  •  Two hours per day of on-ice instruction focusing on the  elements of the skaters’ level but incorporating training for what is called the “component score” in  the International Judging System which is what is used in US Figure skating competition. The component score is all about what makes ice skating beautiful:  deep edges, power without struggle, hidden edges that increase power, flexible spin and edge positions, transitions which is what connects the elements seamlessly,  interpretation of music and nuances within  choreography that express a “package” or “story.”  Coaching aside Jamie Hathaway and Shannon Keeler, will be high level senior coaches, choreographers and dance specialists
  • Two hours of off-ice instruction that will support the component score skills including:  competition warm up exercises, various styles of dance and musicality, power and conditioning, off ice jumping, and flexibility. As the summer progresses, the coaches will introduce skating topics such as setting goals, mental strength, focusing skills, presentation, costumes, and selecting music.
  • 8 Freestyle passes that can be used during any freestyle session during that week.

Register for the Gold week(s) you are planning on attending by clicking on the week below:

Week 1: June 9th-June 11th
Week 2: June 16th-June 18th
Week 3: June 23nd-June 25th
Week 4: June 29th-July 2nd
Week 5: July 7th- July 11th
Week 6: July 14th-July 16th
Week 7: July 21st-July 23rd
Week 8: July 28th-July 30th
Week 9: August 4th- August 6th
Week 10: August 11th- August 13th