Figure Skating Classes

Figure Skating is FUN!

Spirit Ice Arena Figure Skating classes are great for everyone that has an interest in the sport of Figure Skating. We offer a great way to create a strong foundation for future and current Figure Skaters. These classes are for skaters that have completed Basic 8 in the Learn to Skate program.

In these classes, your figure skating instructors will teach skaters how to jump and spin correctly and safely. These classes and private lessons complement each other, to serve as building block foundation for a skater's figure skating career.

Class Details

  • Free Skate 1-6, Jump & Spin, Conditioning, and Moves in the Field last 30 minutes. Off-ice classes are 30-45 minutes.
  • Schedule is subject to change.
  • Levels may be combined if not meeting the 3 student minimum.
  • All classes and make–ups must be completed by the end of the month.
  • The lessons purchased do not carry over to future months.
  • Freestyle and Specialty classes are paid on a monthly basis.
  • We strongly encourage skaters to have their own figure skates.
  • Enrollment packages include On-Ice classes, Off-Ice classes, and Freestyle practice sessions, all of which are an important part of a Figure Skating Training Program.


Class Descriptions

Free Skate 1
Scratch spin, Forward edges, half flip, waltz jump from back crossovers, back outside 3 turns

Free Skate 2
Beginning back spin, Backward edges, Forward outside & inside spirals, waltz threes, waltz jump/ side toe hop/waltz jump, toe loop

Free Skate 3
Crossovers in a figure 8, waltz eight, swing rolls, back inside 3 turns, salchow, half lutz jump, waltz jump/toe loop combo, back spin

Free Skate 4
Spiral Sequence, Forward power 3 turns, backward progressive chasse sequence, sit spin, loop jump, waltz jump/loop combo

Free Skate 5
Backward outside 3 turns/Mohawk into back crossovers, spiral sequence, slide chasse/swing roll sequence, camel spin, change foot spin, loop/loop combo, flip jump, jump sequence

Free Skate 6
Back crossovers to landing positions, 5 step Mohawk sequence, camel/sit spin combo, split jump, lutz jump, waltz jump: 1/2 loop—salchow, axel walk through

Jump & Spin-Low
Skaters that have completed Free Skate 6. Axels, Laybacks, Back Sit & Camel, Jump Combinations, flying spins and more

Jump & Spin-High
Skaters able to land an axel. Double Jumps, Spin Combinations, IJS Features, Jump Combinations, flying spins and more

Moves In The Field
Patterns that focus on edge quality, power, quickness, and extension
Levels: Pre-preliminary, Preliminary, Pre-Juvenile, Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior, Senior

AIM - Artistry In Motion
AIM is designed to educate skaters on the basic principles and philosophy of choreography and to give them a foundation in basic body alignment, movement and line. AIM praises the creative mind of every skater and encourages their personal growth through expansion of the mind and body.

Development of proper stroking technique, edge quality, and extension with an emphasis on power and quickness


For more information or questions call 979-693-3900 or email Shannon Keeler